Turbo Charged Cars

These are to show the custom work done in our workshop. We do not sell any of these conversions in kit form or the parts.

1987 Toyota AW11 MR2 fitted with a Turbocharged 7AF-E/4AG-E20 five valve per cylinder engine.
  • The Engine Block: 7AF-E 1800cc fitted with oil cooled pistons.
  • Cylinder Head: 4AG-E20 20 valve head
  • Pistons: 4AG-ZE Supercharged.
  • Conrods: ARGO Custom rods with 3/8″ ARP bolts.
  • Crankshaft: Standard 7AF-E
  • Compression Ratio: 8.9:1
  • Boost Pressure: 18 lb
  • Power: 300hp at 7000 rpm
  • Turbocharger: Garrett GT25 twin ball bearing, 290HP model.
  • Intercooler: Water to air using a separate radiator to cool the intercooler coolant.
Toyota AW11
The engine fitted into the AW11 MR2 without any problems. Only major problem assembling the engine was the timing belt. We used the 20v belt and had to reduce the cam belt idler pulley diameter by 4mm and lengthen the adjustment slot. The timing cover had to be modified so the idler pulley would not touch. The crankshaft timing belt pulley had a new keyway cut, to correct the cam timing which was out due to the belt length and the 14mm higher deck height of the 7A block.
Intercooler coolant radiator is from a Suzuki 4WD and is mounted under the gearbox at a angle of 15% to direct air into it from under the car. Fuel injection is Autronic Smc sequential, replacing the original ECU, the injectors are from the Turbo Sport Celica. Boost starts at 1000 rpm, maximum boost is achieved at 2700 rpm. The engine pulls strong from 1500 rpm to 3200 rpm, and from 3200 rpm to 7400 rpm.
This is just an example of the custom work we do as we do not build this engine for sale.
The car is a 1967 XR GT Falcon originally fitted with a 289 V8 engine, the car is used for street and strip.
The car weights 3850 lbs (1750 KG) and runs the following quarter mile times.
  • ET: 10.6
  • MPH: 128
  • Engine: 351 Windsor
  • Turbochargers: Garrett T3
  • Boost: 18 psi
  • HP: 630
  • Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
  • Fuel Injection: Autronic SMC
  • Fuel: Aviation fuel (110 octane)

Now IS300

We have installed a 2JZ-GTE engine and six speed gearbox from a 1995 Supra. The engine was originally fitted to the car using the original twin turbo sequential ceramic turbochargers. The twin turbochargers were replaced with a single Garrett GT30 475HP turbocharger, a year later.

The 2JZ-GTE was later replaced with 2JZ-GTE VVT-i from a 1998 Supra. The engine has a 3.3L stroker kit and turbocharger used is a GT35R 600HP. With this new engine the power is 543 HP at the wheels. The ViPEC V88 model ECU is used to control everything. The stock ECU is retained just for the multiplex system.

IS300 Engine

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Toyota GT86 V6

When I first saw a picture of the GT86 years ago I wanted one. That was until I found that they planned to fit a Subaru engine. I was horrified that Toyota could do this. I then decided to buy one and fix it, by fitting a Lexus V6 engine and twin GTX2860R turbochargers.

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